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Compact Street Light ,

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25W 40W 60W
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  • This is not just a product brochure that displays the best street lighting solutions, available in the country. This is the story of the bond that we share with your city. A city that shines like none other.
  • The city beams with pride, because of the warm glow of our LED streetlights, it makes the city seem majestic and truly special. The roads and alleyways of the city are always paved with safety and one can walk them without fear.
  • City the glows with warmth and a welcoming touch, it does not glare due to light pollution like so many others. Our LED streetlights minimizes glare, sky glow, clutter and light trespass, to enhance the health of residents, reduce harm to the environment and to decrease energy consumption.
  • Luminosity is the light output from a lamp. A small lamp producing a lot of light results in greater brightness and consequent glare when looked at directly. LED Street Lighting on the other hand consist of multiple light producing points thus reducing glare, also with the right type of secondary optics we can get precise distribution. Unique peanut optics with bat wing profile ensures high efficiency & light uniformity across and along the road. Since all the light is directed downward, there is therefore no need to use reflectors to direct light downward.


  1. High Lumens Output.
  2. Aluminum Die cast housing power coated.
  3. IP Rating 65.
  4. Anti glare diffuser.
  5. Compact design for elegant look.
  6. Designed for pole mounting.



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