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COB Down Light ,

Available in Following WATT

3W 6W


  1. Special high transmittance frosted diffuser is used for uniform glare-free light distribution.
  2. The uniform and balanced light distribution helps give occupants a refreshing experience.
  3. The ceiling tile satisfies various demands of office lighting making it an ideal choice.
  4. The thin trim of the front frame gives the ceiling tile a minimalistic look when installed.
  5. The CRCA body with premium epoxy white powder coating gives the light a perfect balance of robustness and aesthetic brilliance.
  6. Ideal for 600mm x 600mm grid ceilings.
  7. Installation in plasterboard ceilings possible using optional.


  • Using the most modern technology, Yana Electricals has designed the first grade LED panels which are highly efficient in terms of lighting. These ceiling mounted LED lights are aesthetically designed with decorative recess mounted Ultra slim LED Panels. The cool daylight aluminum LED panels are environment friendly since they don’t contain mercury. Moreover, they consume very low energy and produce low running temperature. Check out the best range of LED aluminum panels and light fixtures from Yana Electricals.
  • Besides other aspects, the aluminium LED panels is suitable to be installed at various places, such as, corporate offices, banks & ATM outlets, software development centers, modern work spaces, showrooms and more. Their versatile design makes them ideal to be used in different commercial spaces. The recess mounted round and square shaped fixtures are eco-friendly and offers glare-free lighting.

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