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Commercial Light

Spaces that are brightly lit by a natural source of light require unique lighting solution. Yana Electricals minimizes energy usage with LED lighting, while meeting the required parameters. The smart solution for Big Office Space uses presence detection and daylight dimming to maximize energy savings by switching lights off when an area is unoccupied or sufficient daylight is present.

Generally Living Rooms need the correct lighting according to designing of the furniture. Yana Electricals have the perfect range of lighting that is specially designed for beautiful Living Rooms.

Closed spaces such as conference halls,cabins and meeting rooms often lack natural light and lighting them effectively can be a daunting task. Yana Electricals believes the right lighting creates a comfortable ambience and promote well-being. Our luminaires provide light with the highest levels of visual comfort.

Industrial lightning

Yana Electricals understands that each section of an industrial requires specific lighting solutions for optimum performance and safety. Equipped with one of the best optics and LED technology, our luminaires help in maintaining the quality of lighting while consuming minimum energy.

  • In the Logistics and Warehousing industry, it is extremely important that every area is well-lit to avoid safety hazards as well as errors in reading vital details on the store items. Yana Electricals offers unparalleled lighting solutions that cause minimum glare and provides the flexibility to control lighting levels independently in different zones.
  • Yana Electricals offers perfect lighting solutions for the automotive industry that have deep light penetration as well as localized lighting. These luminaries are designed to cause minimum glare, thus ensuring high surface luminance with great colour rendering.
  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene is a prerequisite protocol for the food industry. Yana electricals have luminaries with an IP 65 rating. We ensure zero compromise on quality and hygiene, so the delivered solution is always up to the mark even with the most stringent standards.
  • Steel plants typically consist of cold roll/hot strip mills, stockyards, loading/unloading docks, furnace area, inspection area etc. For such high ceiling areas, Yana Electricals offers long-life Highbay solutions like LEDs with good performance and lighting coverage. This helps in reducing the number of light sources and disruption caused during maintenance. From high luminance lighting solutions to fixtures designed specifically for high ambient-temperature operations, we offer lighting solutions for all your industrial needs.

Street Light

  • Proper city lighting not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also enhances its security. With a formidable amount of expertise in lighting, Yana Electricals provides end-to-end solutions for illuminating different parts of the city there by making it more livable. One of the Cityscape portfolio in the Luminaires segment of Yana Electricals includes Street lighting to address the varied lighting requirements in an entire city.
  • With Yana LED street lighting solution, create more secure areas around the city by increasing visibility at night. With features like Smart street lights, Real Time Clock (RTC), Dimming, Remote Diagnosis and many more, Yana Electricals paves the way for convenient and futuristic lighting system.
  • Experience uniform lighting solution, which enhances the aesthetics and appeal of your city as well as improves its security and safety.