Highbay LED Light ,

Available in Following WATT

100W 120W 150W 200W
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  • In almost every aspect, Highbay Lighting from YANA Electricals is superior to the other names available in the market. It is our attitude of ‘No Compromise’, that pushes us to deliver quality and provide you with the best industrial lighting range, in every department.
  • Perfect lighting conditions play a vital role when it comes to any industrials. We provide you with highly specialized lighting solutions for practically every kind of industrial environment. So, optimize our products as you see fit, and get the most out of them.
  • Lighting a project in the right manner can enhance productivity and improve employee morale. Hence, we provide the most specialized and task specific range, suited for any specific environment.
  • Additionally, our products are designed to reduce accidents and minimize risk, especially within industrial conditions with the ability to withstand the harshest temperatures.
  • Every highbay lighting product that you will glimpse in the following pages, has not only been designed to enhance the ambiance of your industrial space, but also to increase your savings. With the incorporation of our highly specialized and advanced LED Highbays, you can save up to 65% or even more. Illuminate your space with efficiency today.

High Performance LED.

  • FV technology pressure die cast housing for better thermal management, which improves LED life and increases product Life cycle.
  • Secondary lens optics for better distribution and uniformity.
  • Easy installation through I-bolt mounting for suspension mounting.
  • Separate control gear.
  • Die cast aluminium housing.
  • Innovative design in terms of air gap between LED housing and driver compartment ensuring thermal management.


  1. Luminaire: >120 Lm/W
  2. Four stage electrical protection:
    • Over voltage protection
    • Under voltage protection
    • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
    • Over temperature protection
  3. Available in 600 and 1200 beam angle
  4. Die-cast aluminum housing with dedicated optics for excellent beam distribution
  5. Life: 50000 Hrs.
  6. Colour temperature: 5700K+300K
  7. Surge protection of 6kV



  • Manufacturing bays
  • Warehouses
  • Indoor stadiums
  • Airport hangers
  • Railway concourse halls

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